Disclaimer: While I am working on a few certifications, I am not licensed or trying to sell you anything! 🙂

Before my first official post I thought I’d introduce myself quick. I’m a married stay at home mom of 2 great kiddos a boy Preston (almost 9!) and a daughter Dru (3). We are a very busy family these days with school, sports, and family & friends. Some of my interests or passions include but are not limited to health and fitness, wellness, beauty, cooking, reading and writing, organizing, saving money,  scrapbooking, jewelry and fashion, faith, Jesus, and serving or helping others. To be honest I don’t have near as much time as I would like to spend on all these things! My reason for creating a blog was so maybe I could use this as an outlet to connect with other people with the same interests or get new ideas. I have had a couple of blogs in the past but never went public, or published them as I could not decide which one thing to blog about! So this time I have decided it will be a little of everything from a good book I read, to a recipe, depression, anxiety, a quote or bible verse I read, or an interesting article. While I am a Christian and a true believer in Christ, I have friends and family from all walks of life.

Another idea I love is sharing products and other peoples work. So don’t be surprised if you see me sharing my favorites.

 I am looking to make some life changes and thought no better way to kick that off by starting my second Whole30 today. A few years ago I completed my first Whole30 and felt amazing. But to be honest I’ve let myself slip the past year or so. So my initial posts may be more focused on Whole30 recipes and ideas. Last round I didn’t track or document anything, so I am hoping this will help me stay on track. For those of you who haven’t heard of Whole30 here is the website: http://whole30.com

I am going to throw it out there, I don’t have it all together, I am never going to be perfect, but why wait to start!? I am excited to try something new and hope you will join me on this journey!

Blessings, Bre


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