Whole30 Week 3 Update/My Week of Wellness

Well it’s been a busy last couple weeks at the Berg household, but I’ve decided I’m not letting “busy” get in the way of my passions and goals anymore! For the most part I’ve stayed on track with the W30 program but have had a couple of “slip ups”. The old me would have definitely threw in the towel but I’ve decided to just keep going even if I haven’t followed the exact rules:). The thing I love about The Whole30 is it really does teach your body the type of eating that is right for you, there is no one right way for everyone! If you are ever able to truly stick with the entire 30 days which I did a few years ago it is truly life changing how you look at food. I have so much more energy and feel less bloated. I’ve found a few staples that have helped with being on the road, however I’d say the most challenging part was not planning ahead of time being on the go most of last week as far as meals. I’m posting a few of my favorite new recipes/snacks below. To make posting easier to share I have been experimenting with a Facebook page. Check out my page here and like it if you are interested! Thanks in advance ❤


Last week I started dabbling a bit more in meditation with yoga and also some other techniques I’ve learned. I can’t wait to share one technique you can do right in your own home, 5 minutes a day. It’s really helped me focus more and relax.

I also met with Michelle Guggenburger, a licensed Natural Health Practitioner and Diplomat of Pastoral Science & Medicine from Renew2Thrive. She is offering a FREE initial 60-minute consultation. There is no catch!  I have to say that one hour last week I met with her was the best hour of my new year! She helped me with setting some goals and recommended a couple of supplements specifically to my needs. I learned so much! Here is a list of some her services she can provide:

  • I want to start eating better but I don’t know where to start.
  • I’m constantly battling blood sugar issues or are pre-diabetic.
  • I suffer from allergies and food sensitivities.
  • I’m always stressed out and tired.
  • I was recently diagnosed with an illness or condition and need to address my diet and lifestyle.
  • I feel overwhelmed at just the thought of trying to live a healthier lifestyle – it all seems so difficult.
  • My digestive system doesn’t work right.
  • I’m always sick.
  • assist with shopping lists, meal planning and tackling the grocery store.

Check out her website! She has some awesome resources and recipes. Also, follow her on Facebook for the latest updates!




Here are some new staples I picked up at Wholefoods last week:


And as promised a few new recipes I tried! I didn’t get pictures of everything:) My kids LOVE the Paleo Drumstick Chicken.

Cauliflower Fried Rice:


Instead of the veggies they mention and head of cauliflower, I used the below from Trader Joe’s (Frozen Riced Cauliflower Rice and Mirepoix mix veggies) in addition to the garlic. So much quicker!


Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts:


The brussel sprouts were even better with a little hot sauce!

Paleo Drumstick Chicken:


Blessings, Bre



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