Diet Beta Testing

Sorry it’s been a while! I feel like I am finally recovering from my crazy winter of basketball and hockey season;) I got a pressure cooker for my birthday last month and finally have had time to make some real meals. I’ve been experimenting a lot over the past years with different “diets” and really have come to the conclusion that not one diet fits all. Going vegan/vegetarian for a few weeks (probably 80%) was refreshing but had it’s challenges. I would say in this time of my life with kids and not having a husband on board made it a little bit more difficult. It is truly a lifestyle change and commitment. I loved experimenting with new foods and spices, and loved researching the topic of veganism. However it was interesting going from lower carbs to higher carbs (but whole grains) my body bloated a bit. I may have had unrealistic expectations as I thought I would drop like 10 pounds out of the gate;) I did find however I had much more energy!  Anyways I really appreciate you guys following all my crazy ideas. I’m on a mission though to find something that works best for myself/body.

I have been following Chalene Johnson over the years (former Beachbody coach, health/fitness guru) and she recently launched this new “Diet Beta Test”. While I am not participating in the test I listened to her podcasts of how the test works and found it fascinating. There is really no one size fits all or way of eating that works best for every person. She explains a bit how the test works and for a small fee you can participate in a group setting to find a way of eating, etc that works best for your body type. I believe a questionnaire, meal plan and directions are provided.  I would also recommend her podcasts! Here is the info, check it out!

Switching gears a bit..not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty sure tonight I made on of the best meals we’ve had in years. All with only a few simple ingredients. If you don’t have a pressure cooker you should consider it. It has been life changing! If you have any favorite pressure cooker recipes I would love to hear from you!


I hope you are all doing well!

Blessings, Bre


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